To access the vast amount of materials available to you as part of the Academic SELECT program subscription your school has with Bentley, you need to have your school’s unique School Code. This code is created by the designated Administrator on campus at your school (this may be an IT admin, or a contact in the school or department).

How to get the School Code

If your account administrator has not yet shared the School Code with you, they may not have generated the School Code. If this is the case, point your account administraor to this site so they can learn how to generate the School code. In under 3 minutes, the Administrator can create and share the generated School Code to open the way for Bentley software downloads, OnDemand training, training transcripts, and support.


Have your School Code? Create your STUDENTserver account

With your school code in hand you can now access all that Bentley’s STUDENTserver has to offer.


Visit STUDENTserver

Visit STUDENTserver at
Visit STUDENTserver

Create your account

Click Join Now to create a new STUDENTserver account.


Add your School Code

Add your school code to the form field, as requested in the registration form.

Add your personal information into the other form fields.

Submit the form. An email will be sent from for verification.

Verify your account

Click the link in the account verification email to activate your STUDENTserver account.

Once you are logged in you have access to all that STUDENTserver has to offer.


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