Your path to all the benefits provided in Bentley’s STUDENTserver starts with a School Code that your professor or school will provide to you. With the School code, you will be able to Join STUDENTserver and create a personal account; you can then access Bentley software and training, for use at home.

How to get your School Code

Ask your professor for the Bentley STUDENTserver School Code. You can always direct your professor to this site for complete instructions on how to obtain the school code, and for information on what is offered in STUDENTserver as part of the school’s Bentley Academic SELECT subscription.

I have my School Code, Now What?

Great, now that you have your School Code you have access to all the features that STUDENTserver has to offer.


Visit STUDENTserver

Visit STUDENTserver at


Visit STUDENTserver

Create your account

Click Join Now to create a new STUDENTserver account.


Add your School Code

Add your school code to the form field, as requested in the registration form.

Add your personal information into the other form fields.

Submit the form. An email will be sent from for verification.

Verify your account

Click the link in the account verification email to activate your STUDENTserver account.
(If the url wraps in your email client, please make sure to paste the entire url into a web browser to complete verification.)

Once you are logged in you have access to all that STUDENTserver has to offer.